Posted by Payel Mukherjee
November 16, 2017

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I am in search of an answer,
to know the purpose of ‘Our Encounter’?
The fun and the fights that we usually had,
that have build memories which were never too bad.

Never realized on the ‘Friendship’ that was born,
rather it had been an intoxication for me overall.

I don’t know what test I have been put up with,
that I have fallen in love with a married man it seems.

I never expected that life will lead me to this path,
which holds neither any ‘Future’ nor any ‘Present’ for both of ‘Us’.

I stood Infront of the mirror asking myself a question-
“Is this Lust or Love…?
Or maybe a total insanity at the same?”

I love the way you show your concern,
and the embrace, that you give me in return.

Your voice brings solace to my untamed heart.
Your touch gives me a comfort,
that I never got in my past.

Reality reminds me,
there’s nothing that is really left.
Yet, deep inside I can feel,
there is a mere expectation which is still awake.

-Payel Mukherji.

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