wake up india, what are we actually upto? lighting a candle for a rape victim?

Posted by Sujana Bhargavi
November 6, 2017

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Yes India, wake up! what are we doing when the beasts are out roaming in the cities? There is no protection ranging from urban to rural places, where have the culture vanished? A morning status on watsapp, a motivating post on facebook and an ultimate respect to girl child of your house. Is this quite suffiecient to amaze your character when you do shit with girls out of your house? No, these arent those moral values which we have learnt in our schooling books and no, this is not the worth you show for your birth.

It isnt a few years nor months nor days nor hours to come over of it. We hear it for every minute- one rape every minute in the country. One time its a teenager, sometimes its a school going girl, next its a mother and the other times its even a grandmother.

In a period of 30 days there are more than 75 rape cases registered – Bhopal gang rape, an 18 month old girl raped; class XI student tries to rape a 12 year old girl; 100 year old woman raped by drunk men, dies; woman attacked as she resists rape bid by four, dies; child sexually assaulted inside school; drunk man rapes woman in broad daylight; 35 year woman sexually assaulted and dies of injuries; women raped by cook inside the temple; 15 year old girl kidnapped and gang raped; the flow of news has no end.

Being a literate is of no worth when it doesnt apply. These events are like a “bitter pill” which can never be accepted. Individual awareness, voice and support is needed to raise safety for women. women should be equally responisble in learning various self protective measures to protect themselves from these “stray dogs”. Government should implent a “live action” where women can do what actaully applies to that kind of inhumnan things.


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