Was Raavan the real hero of the Ramayan? Here’s a Untold tale from the Ramayan.

Posted by Shivang
November 12, 2017

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Whenever we talk about an ideal man, the figure of Ram ji comes up to our minds. Ram ji, also known as the “Maryaada Purushottam” for keeping his duties before everything. He is also known for killing the “Devotee turned Demon- Raavan” which is a symbolic representation that Good wins over the Evil no matter how strong it is. But was Lord Ram the real hero of the Ramayan? Let’s put a light on the character of Raavan. Raavan and Kumbhkaran were actually the gatekeepers or “Dwarpaalak” of Lord Vishnu named “Jay and Vijay” (see<a href=”https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jaya-Vijaya”>Here</a> for the Wikipedia reference)

Once while Vishnu ji was resting, the “Four Kumars” wanted to meet him. Jay & Vijay politely asked them not to enter because the Lord was resting. But the saints wanted to go urgently and misunderstood the Dwarpaalaks to be arrogant. They cursed them to loose their post as a servant of Vishnu ji and get separated from him.
Vishnu ji arrived, Jay & Vijay were standing before him asking them to give a solution to their curse as they were just doing their duties. The Lord blessed them to take birth on the Earth for 7 times, 4 times as a devotee and 3 times as an enemy. To which Jay(Raavan) said that he doesn’t wants to take birth as a devotee but as an enemy because he may or may not get to meet him as his devotee but he would at least be able to see him at the end of his life when he kills him.
The Lord accepted his wish. The three enemies of the Lord were- Hiranyakashyap, Raavan & Kans. Hiranyakashyap was killed by Vishnu ji in the Narsimha Avatar, Raavan by Ram Avatar and Kans by Krishna Avatar of Vishnu ji.

Raavan is the biggest devotee of Shivji, he had gained supreme powers from him. He was a great devotee but once when Shivji didn’t accept the Golden Palace gifted by Raavan, he kept it himself and lived in it. He went to Shivji and beheaded himself for 10 times. Each time the head was replaced by him. He asked him his desires. Raavan said that he wants to take him to his palace in Sri Lanka. He couldn’t deny but had to go with him in the Shivling Roop and wherever he would keep the Lingam, He will settle there. Raavan agreed with him. All the Gods got very concerned about the issue because if Shivji goes to a demon’s house, Raavan will become the strongest person. Vishnu ji planned to deceit Raavan and stop him from taking the Shivlingam to Sri Lanka.(see more about the same <a href=”https://m.aajtak.in/dharma/vrat-katha-in-hindi/story/story-of-baidyanath-or-baijnath-temple-devghar-879640-2016-07-25″>here</a>)

<strong>This is what turned Raavan from a devotee to an Evil. </strong>

When Raavan faced Shree Ram ji, he was internally very happy. If he wanted he could surrender before Ram ji and be his slave but if that happened, a social message that “Good always wins over the Evil and arrogant behavior leads to destruction of the person.” would not affect the future generations and won’t  inspire people to do good things in their lives.

Hence, Raavan sacrificed himself to inspire people to be good at deeds and thoughts and to never be arrogant of what one possesses.  Therefore, if we call Raavan to be the real hero of the Ramayan, it won’t be wrong but would be an appreciation for his sacrifice.

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