Posted by Sonal Tatiya
November 23, 2017

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let me take my decisions on my own
Please for just  once show ur trust faith and support over me and I promise I will make things  better

I want to be independent i want to explore the things  on my own
may be  I am going to  face the failures but than i will rise with more courage and more strengths with more confidence in myself and someday things will surely work as I always wanted
I know today i am hurting many peoples by my decisions by my arguments by my reactions
but one day I will make them feel proud over me one day no one would be regretting over my decision one day they will be happy seeing me and my dreams getting true one day i will feel the inner joy and happiness for raising voice to make my dreams turn into reality
I dont feel good when I shout on my near ones when I argue with them when they feel hurted because of me when they think I am acting like a child they think I am not mature enough to understand the things
I know they are concerned for me they are possessive for me they can’t  see any bad things happening with me they always care for me they always wanted to see me happy
But its not my childish behaviour or my overthinking its just that for once i want to stand by my own i want to help myself i want to face the struggles that comes into my path by my own
Sometimes I feel like I have to choose between my dreams and happiness

Because I won’t  be happy letting others in pain

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