What is it like being a farmer?

Posted by Prem Swaroop
November 7, 2017

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What you eat what you wear all things are related to the farmers.But bitter truth of our country is farmers are not happy as they should be.

My grandfather is a pure farmer I think he is a farmer since his childhood,because he is only 2nd pass student,after being fail in 3rd class he never went school,but he knows simple math of his field how much manure required for his field he calculate all things very easily.

  • He knows simple English.
  • He can write his name in English.
  • He can count number in English like one,two three.

He has almost 60 year experiance of being a farmer,he is currently of 75 year.

Here I am sharing a photo of him with me,when he was planing to send potatoes in cold storage.

A Farmer Dad's Teacher Son
A Farmer Dad’s Teacher Son

Here is another photo of my dad when he was turning a unproductive field in to productive field. He was also a farmer 2 years, but from 2 years he is a government teacher. A very interesting story behind his struggle, you can read it.


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