What it means to attend a yKA Writers Meetup

Posted by Lipi Mehta
November 19, 2017

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I joined Youth Ki Awaaz two years ago, and since then life has changed. A few months have been difficult and stressful and sometimes, I have needed a lot of validation.  And something we launched earlier this year has given me a lot of hope and validation – the YKA Writers Meetup – where writers and readers come together to talk about why speaking up matters.

Currently sitting in a room of over 20 young writers publishing their stories, or articles on issues they care about, I feel I belong. I feel that this community (that I have never met before), understands what it takes to get your voice out, and just how important it is to do that.

Just in this room – I have met a fashion stylist who has worked on films like Barfi, But is currently writing about love; I have met a female standup comic; I have met a college dropout who worked with DNA and now works with a food blog; and I have met someone who works with an NGO in Bandra.

Everyone has their own stories to share, everyone is connected by their want of speaking up. It is amazing how almost 100 people a day (and sometimes many more) publish on Youth Ki Awaaz each day, and how, sitting behind a screen, I still feel connected with them. I had only heard about the power of community a few years ago, but today I feel it and understand it.

If you are a YKA writer, I would love to know why you write on this platform. Write about that on YKA itself, and tweet it to me (@lipi_meh) or e-mail me (lipi@youthkiawaaz.com).

I can’t wait to hear your story.

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