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Posted by kartikey tripathi
November 13, 2017


Hey.. This is my first post on YKA

So basically what my point is when we were kids lyk I am talking about when we used to live a life of no worries just eenjoyments and happiness.  When we used to cry initially while goin to school and smile happily while returning back 😉 then everyone’s used to ask ‘beta bade hokr kya banoge’ and beta replies back with ‘pilot, doctor and so on ‘ and then ran away from shyness and go to kitchen usually to get something to eat, this is what I remember I used to do as if at that time that boy has responded a very big thing but even he don’t know at thay age what he wanna do and what he will actually do. Time passes

Days turns into nights and friends into family, School over (probably the best part of life so far- the school one)

Then if u opted maths do engineering or if biology do medicine. But that’s not an Easy task, one go to places and join an institute to get prepared for the same.

Meanwhile he also has a secret dream which he wants to do as in his growing period he loved doin it. I was very good at mimicry in school and I was the boy in my class who made whole class laugh and cherry on the cake type u may call!  Haha!  

But in a middle class family u can’t just do what u want as comparison is what u will have to went through.  See ‘fala ka ladka fala kiya aaj kitna acha kama raha hai’  and even if u want to say that u don’t want to do this firstly u can’t secondly u fear that what if I didn’t succeed ‘ chalo sun hi leta hun- kar lete hn preparation,hua to thik nai to mana kar dunga ab nai karunga try kiya’

And u go out from your home for the first time. Ur aim was to study, that’s what u went there for but man this freedom wow let’s experience it first where life is going I have plenty of time and in between I have plenty of time a year passes and u taken those exams so granted and did nothing whole year and u fail.  And now so u have fail u fear more that now I have failed, how would even I face my parents and whatever u thought which u had while leaving ur home vanishes and u just think about the current situation. So u can’t even talk to ur own parents who thought that u worked hard, but deep inside u know that u just wasted time. So u decided to okay, let’s give it another chance and do it this time..but but… U r still not confident that u will.clear or not though u start studying but no roadmap u r just walking. And the result will be same as u will fail again but with a slightly better marks and no matter how much u cry or do anything it can’t get better. U just curse yourself that I have studied but didn’t passed what is wrong. This that. And u cry over phone while talking to ur loved ones and parents. And no parent can see their child crying, I repeat none.

There’s a quote which I personally love a lot

‘manzil to mil hi jayegi bhatak kar hi sahi, gumrah to wo hai jo ghar se nikle hi nahi…’

I have the roadmap now walking on it, dealing difficulties in it.. And hopefully yes I will reach my manzil now.. 😉 coz realisation is imp. It’s My dream now to be a doctor, and I will make it….. Life so far described in few words, hope u lykd it…

Last Line by me-


Man ki baatein ek ahsas h inhe bahne do 

Bas rokna na mujhe bas  aaj mujhe chalne do…


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