What’s happening India..?

Posted by Gargi Baruah
November 22, 2017

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It’s 21st century and we have come so far. Didn’t we?This question strikes my mind most of the time. But the answer that I found is ‘NO’. We are still there where we all started off to be modernised, developed and technically advanced. Every now and then we only see the negativity getting more powered. Child Abuse, sexual assault , murder, domestic violence etc. Are now have become a news of every second. And people are seen less bothered about as we are getting used to these kinds of news stories. Recently a 18th month old baby was brutally raped in Delhi by a neighbour or be it school murder case of a 7 years old child in Gurugram . And it’s just one of the many cases of ongoing crimes on children specifically Babies, which leaves us shattered. Earlier only women were the victims of rape and molestation and now a new trend has begun of ‘sexually assaulting young and innocent children’ . They are the new victims now after girls and women. Please spare them, please! Keep the children away from this greed, this madness. Why so much violence? Why so much greed ? Even the most innocent creation of God is now in dangered. Children are now been sexually assaulted and it creats a great impact on the mental health of the child. Will the child ever be able to lead a normal life? or whether the society will allow the child to forget the trauma? We should think about these questions. When will these crimes stop or will we ever see a better India on this new year!? Citizens and government should be more concerned with the on going crisis of the nation , that is ‘violence against Children’ . We have more attention demanding problems out here, rather than deciding whether to or not to release a film! Wake up India. It’s high time now. Let’s focus on the issues which are concerning the future of our upcoming generation. Don’t we want a better India for them, for us. Too much brutality and rage is taking up on us. Why don’t we try to make a difference by not only protesting on roads and on social media and forgetting after few days but rather by doing something really meaningful and worthy and try to make a difference in the country. Ignorance and silence are dangerous thing. They give more power to encourage the evil over the good. Let’s not outlook the on going issues of the country and make a better India. A clean and safe INDIA.


Gargi Baruah


Centre for Studies in Journalism and Mass Communication

Dibrugarh University, Assam

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