What’s worse?

Posted by Farha Salim
November 8, 2017

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Home to a booming tech industry, home to the youth, looked upon with great hopes, INDIA, home to the highest number of malnourished children in the world. The very same country, ranked 100th out of 119 on the Global Health Index. The death of Santoshi Kumari, from the Karimati village of Simdega district of Jharkhand on the 28th of September 2017 is undoubtedly a painful reminder to every citizen of India, that there are a lot of families who can’t afford to have 1 straight meal a day. Unlike most of us, who yearn for the holidays, to escape from the burden of teachers and schoolwork, for her, being at school would have provided her with at least the midday meal.

Santoshi Kumari, a 11 year old was at home for the Durga Puja holidays. In the absence of school, it had been about a week without a proper meal for her. Local news reports as well as independent enquiries by different organisations suggest that the ration dealer of the same locality had denied them rations for the past 6 months, since their ration card had not been linked to their Aadhar number. Reports state how activists raised the issue of deleted ration cards, but as usual the proceedings were delayed, the reason being improper working of the online portal. This only highlights the fact how despite having a lot of schemes for the betterment of the people many still suffer due to minor glitches in the implementation of such schemes which result in major negative consequences. This is not child’s play. Perhaps these schemes will be useful when we realise the fact that one cannot afford to be careless here.

Santoshi’s family is just one example of the thousands of families, who do not have property, jobs or even a stable income. Despite the locality having food in the ration shops, a girl died of starvation only because her Aadhar number was not linked to the ration card. Would, linking her Aadhar, have made her deserve the ration more than she did at the time of death?

What was worse?

Dying from hunger when there was no food available?

Or dying knowing that thousands waste food while millions don’t have a single meal a week?

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