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When Earth stood still

Posted by Sai Sanjeev
November 28, 2017

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When the earth stood still!!!!

Nope, I am not talking about earth taking a break from spinning on its own axis, with such a supervening, we would have got few extra hours to sleep, to complete the new soap on Netflix or even try new filter snapchat has released. Nor the movie where Keanu Reeves is an alien sent to eliminate human population; not to mention we would have rushed to take selfies with the new extremely handsome extra-terrestrial creature.
But no, I am speaking about big globe with dual O in it, yes the Google. What will happen if Google stops working? All the techies will be like
“Who cares, we got Bing to back us up. We could survive “
“I could invent something to replace it “
“World doesn’t run on Google”
Of course world does run on Google, from android to navigation, from search engines to innovation we totally rely on it without questioning.
One fine day, Google decides “enough is enough, let me take a break and relax myself “so she plays pranks on our life and has hoot of laughter.
Ramesh and Suresh hop into their bike and take out their mobile, switch on Google map and type the destination of the nearby mall and leave their home with automated lady’s voice speaking to their ears. Sabbatical Google leads them to graveyard. Stranded on dead end, the duo hardly took notice of any crosses and mains that will lead them back to their home, stood there perplexed with tombs at their background.
Priya composes a mail to her boss with” last month’s progress” document attached to it. Awaiting his feedback was terrifying but his response was rather appalling. It read “love you too, can’t wait to see you, meet me at eight. P.s. wear your black top with red stripes.
She scrolls up, to see, she has attached “love letter” document, which was written for her first love but never did she had the nerve to confess it to him. Her Sunday was so over, her brain ceased to function now.
Arya opens his laptop to watch latest episode of GOT but chrome takes him to site which says “how losers always find a way to waste their time?”
Nisha’s shape of you was replaced by” how to make butter chicken” on YouTube.
Facebook messenger and whatsapp were filled with anonymous love you, miss you, you have the most beautiful smile, intoxicating eyes texts.
After billions and millions of funny antidotes, Google then decides to put on her professional make up again with AdSense works and Google analytics products.
Back to normal!
It was of course happily ever after end.

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