When it all seems Perfect

Posted by Richa Pandey
November 11, 2017

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Competition के इस दौर में  ..अगर  compassion को  जगह मिल जाती
Numbers के शोर में ..creativity न ग़ुम हो जाती ..
10 CGPA से ज़्यादा  hardwork matter करता ..
Short cuts लेकर  success पाना ..सबको अगर अखरता
patience and persistence.. अगर pressure को overcome कर  पाते
तो 9.8 CGPA वाले बच्चे भी ख़ुश हो कर  घर जाते।
This is not an excerpt from any poem or article…these were the closing lines from one of my favourite creations..”Yun hota toh kya hota” : a play highlighting the stress children go through these days during exams..the pressure that is created by us..we..the teachers..the parents..the stakeholders of Education.
In this competitive world…where everyone is running to achieve more and more…and erasing previously drawn lines seems easier in comparison to draw a new longer line…It’s important to stop and think for once..what is the true purpose behind Education??
While pursuing B.Ed. I learnt that creating inquisitive and curious learners is what we, as teachers, should aim for. And that’s exactly what I wanted to do…and was able to do..till the reality hit hard.
The ground reality is far from the ideals. Yes..the various programs schools offer aim at “holistic development” of a child. The innumerable workshops..training sessions..counselling..field trips..and excursions..all aim to nurture the young minds. But..”SYLLABUS” has to be completed despite of all these workshops. Given the number of working days at hand..only a teacher knows how badly she wishes to teach even the empty classrooms during staybacks..only if this could serve the purpose.
Limiting “teaching” to mere syllabus completion and “learning” to clearing the various entrances..is as shallow as claiming every literate to be educated. Landing into a well paying job can be “one” of the aims of education..but what’s the point of being educated when you can’t stand up for the right..when you can’t make the right choices..when you can’t be happy for others…when you see your colleagues as mere competition and not as learned human beings who can actually help you grow.
The stress we experience at our workplaces is a result of this “cut-throat competition” that even our children as young as 5..are subject to. Education aims at allowing an individual attain his true potential. It has nothing to do with what others can or will achieve in their lives. The existence of other human beings in your life enables you to grow as a person by learning from their experiences.
Thus it is imperative to learn and be compassionate instead of  being competitive.


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