While walking down the Unknown Streets…

Posted by Garima Tyagi
November 15, 2017

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While walking down these streets of unknown places, I Discovered myself.
Lost in my own imaginations, recalling familiar memories and reaching upto the far off places to escape them.
Taking this feeling of being an unknown to those streets, Observing that unknown world around me.
Just walking alone, keeping my thoughts a mystery to them. Smiling back at those who are hiding back their tears and lives just like mine.
Walking slowly and living each moment. Wishing it to be a long journey, in the hopes of getting peace. The peace which had lost in that old known street and world.
New vibes are all I am brimming from.
Not so lively place yet I’m feeling energies. May be, this is all because of those bright colored wet walls and lush green trees, not those people masking dull emotions behind those weary smiles they carry.
Walking. Walking. Walking.
Every step taking with new energy,
a feeling of immense happiness and whole new level of vibes. I’m ultimately feeling refreshed.
But suddenly realized that I’m reaching out there ; a place which happens to be my destination.
Walking all the way through I didn’t realize how my imaginations lost their own way  ; the imaginations which were once recalling the old memories to make me sad enough. And now have discoverd the path towards peace.
While walking down the unknown streets, I discovered myself.

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