Who am I?

Posted by Karthik Ganeshan
November 24, 2017

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Slowly scrolling down my fb, saw a post its a normal post of our country’s achievement in cricket and with that a special comment on Pakistan, doesnt really needed but all they want is popularity. Just usually went to the comment section, read most of them.I just left with one sentence “This is not good”.

Next day scrolling down my fb again saw one post this time its different its about religion which is another victim of jihaad in our country, again I went to the comment section, read all most of them, and again left with one note “This is not good “.

Previous one was about two country, so that would be very bad by not to support our country. And the second one was about our country but this times its two religion sorry its two very different religion, so I was a Little confused but it would be bad by not to support my religion.

As I was going through my life learning things from my mainstream society, I thought I was different but I was not.

This realisation came when I again saw one post about reservation, people who were standing with me, now going against my caste. This time its same country, same religion but two different caste sorry its two different so called  superior and interior caste which was mine. But it wouldnt be very nice to go against my own caste na!

No! Wait who am I?

Am I a country

Am I a religion

Am I a caste


Am I a person who really don’t want to know the answer to these questions

Am I a boy who’s just main problem is to pass the Semseter

Am I a brother who’s just lost in his own family problem

Who am I?

Above was my journey to the unknown me!



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