When A Man Rapes An 18-Month-Old Girl, How Will You Shift The Blame To Her?

Posted by Sushant Sharma
November 15, 2017

“Why is she wearing such a revealing outfit? She must be shameless.”

Why is she going out at this time? Isn’t this too late? She is so careless.”

Why is she drinking and smoking with boys all around her? She definitely lacks character.”

These are the questions which are usually raised against the girls of our society when they try to do something which is against the norms set by the so-called grown ups or the veterans or the people who think they know what is right and what is wrong.

And you know what the worst thing is? They are not even allowed to justify their actions. They are labelled as shameless, careless and characterless by the society just because they do what is against the moral standards set by the society. I have heard people saying that girls are the reason why rape happens. Anyone with a sound mind will question how can a sufferer can be the reason for their own victimisation – that too, for something as brutal as rape. And it doesn’t even surprise me anymore that their opinions can be so absurd.

What’s the point in discussing this now?

Today, I heard a piece of news which really shook me to bits. “18 month old raped in Delhi allegedly by father’s friend babysitting her” – I read this headline again and again as I could not believe that I was a part of the same society which has such disgusting people.

This article is not a banter, but a question raised against those people who blame the sufferer for the incident. Are you really going to blame that 18-month-old little kid? Are you really going to blame her for the kind of dress she was wearing when the incident happened? I really don’t think you can.

It is not that difficult to understand that rape happens only because of the pathetic mindset of certain people who exist in our society. Nothing else can explain it. No other explanation really matters in this context. What really bugs me is the fact that there are people who don’t even empathise with the sufferer and instead blame them for the cause.

The incident which happened in Delhi today has proved these people wrong again. It’s high time that they introspect and clear the clutter in their minds that a girl is the reason why a guy forcefully wants or does sex with her.


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