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Why Choosing the Right Drug Rehabilitation Centre is the Need of the Hour?

Posted by Vikalp Rehabilitation Centre
November 25, 2017

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According to a latest survey, Delhi has more than 70,000 kids addicted to harmful drugs like marijuana, smack, sniffing glue, Toluene and hashish. However, the question here is why should everyone else be alarmed of this? Well, the answer is very generic and yet equally important. More than 2 lac children are calling the streets of Delhi their home. Poverty and indifference has created a thick blanket of resemblance over people’s opulence. It is really difficult to get through this blanket and challenge it in instances. Most of these street kids were born to teenage parents who are impoverished and drug addicts. Mostly because they find the one thing in drugs they cannot find anywhere else, that is, a means of escaping their harsh reality. They know they are addicts and they know the outcome of the drugs on their health and physical being, but unfortunately they also know that they are never going to come out of the misery. They know that their life expectancy is shorter than other human beings.

The need of the hour is having deaddiction centres in and around the national capital region. Only a few drug deaddiction centres actually provide the holistic approach to treating drug addicts. By holistic approach, I mean centres that understand that drug rehabilitation requires a step-by- step approach and is not done instantly. One such rehabilitation centre I know of is Vikalp. I have known about Vikalp since a long time now. It’s one of the few rehabilitation centres in Ghaziabad that treats alcohol addiction, drug addiction, gambling addiction etc. Why I mentioned Vikalp is because it is one of the few rehabilitation centres in the entire country that is run by former drug addicts who are sober since the past 21 years. An addict knows and understands the pain it is to be unable to quit drug abuse. This is why they have a holistic 12-step plan to treat any addict, whether alcohol or drugs.

Vikalp Rehab Centre also offers alcoholics anonymous meetings, corporate programs, depression counselling, detoxification programs, relapse prevention, smoking cessation, substance abuse counselling Et al. Moreover, Vikalp Nasha Mukti Kendra has received a national award from the then president of India Honorable Shri Pranab Mukherjee. That itself speaks a lot about its commitment and dedication in the field of drug de-addiction. Vikalp understands the stigma related with addiction and hence, it empathises with the addicts and shuns the root cause, drugs. Their team of professional counsellors have decades of experience in treating drug abusers and giving them a ray of light to live a life of wellness. Their collaboration with numerous drug deaddiction centres in India and abroad gives them the exposure to treat all kinds of addiction, whether on the first stage or the final.

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