Why I celebrate Eid.

Posted by Chirag Aidasani
November 21, 2017

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Eid reminds me of the wonderful times I had in Hyderabad. Of the wonderful people we had in our building. Of the Muslim aunty who would cook Sheer Khurma in the morning before anything else and offer it to us. As my Naani and me(at that time) were strict vegetarians, Aunty always used to insist that she cooked the Sheer Khurma first thing in the morning and that we should eat it without any worries as this was cooked in a new vessel and that she hadn’t touched any sort of meat so far. And we would reciprocate by offering sweets and food on our festive occasions. Not only this, we regularly had tea together and exchanged breakfast items with each other. Also, like any good Indian neighbors, we were each others emergency food suppliers, when things like sugar, garlic etc were urgently needed.

This was the kind of respect and love we harbored for each other. These instances, among several others, are what I keep reminding myself of when hatred begins to trump love in my brain all thanks to the various politics which is going on. These instances are my patronus which helps me keep the dementors of hatred at bay. It reminds me that people, at the end of the day, are all the same, regardless of the faith they practice. That there is no substitute for Kindness.

Though I’m areligious and don’t particularly believe in God in a conformist definitive sort of way, I love celebrating such festivals which have the potential to unite people, as we need unity amongst ourselves now more than ever.


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