My Answer To A Quora User Who Wanted To End Their Life Because They Had Lied

Posted by Neetu K K in Specials
November 15, 2017

A user on Quora said, “I want to end my life because I lied to everyone and now nobody is with me. I am all alone. What can I do?”

This is how I answered the question.

So sad to hear this! Only for having lied, you want to end your life. Just because you lied doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve to live on this earth. You may be all alone right now but that doesn’t mean you are going to live like this forever. One’s biggest achievement is to realise one’s own mistakes.

I don’t know what you have done to others and how big your crime is. I also don’t know if you deserve forgiveness. But I do know one thing: You are a pure soul.

Pure soul in the sense that you accepted your mistake based on the facts, rather than making an excuse. You said no to staying the same person you were before. And that’s what makes you deserve to live again. I hope you understand the meaning of ‘life’. Life is the most beautiful thing in which we create bonds, relationships, memories and faith – I hope you realise the importance of these words.

Have you noticed how badly human beings have to struggle for their own survival?

Have you ever noticed a glimmer of hope in the eyes of a dying person?

To be honest, I also thought of committing suicide once (during my childhood) and it was the worst I ever felt.

Heat surged through my whole body, my mind had gone blank. I couldn’t think of anyone – some strong force had taken control of my mind.

But I felt this way, not because I had lied to somebody, but because I had felt worthless. I was in class 9 or 10 then but here I am today, because of my teacher.

After making an unsuccessful attempt to end my life,  I asked my school teacher the next day, “Sir, why does a person commit suicide?” He was our social science teacher and my favourite.

He replied, “Because certain consequences may be difficult for them to deal with. They think that their situation can’t improve and that they themselves can’t improve. They are unable to take it anymore. They believe they are the poorest creature on earth and have no other option.”

These lines changed my life forever.

Don’t be upset just because you may have lied and hurt others’ trust. Don’t be depressed because no one is around you at the moment. On this earth, every soul is worthy of love and compassion and believe me, the day will come soon when you find hope and love.

I won’t give you rational reasons but I request only one thing – please ask yourself once why you felt like ending your life?

Do you really want to end your life? See if your answer is no and see if some part of you wants to survive.

Now if you want to survive, how can you contribute to society? What are your skills that can make this world a better place? How are you capable of helping others?
Help others and then start practising self-love. Talk positively to yourself and shut out the negative thoughts.

Say sorry to the ones you lied to, the ones you hurt. If they don’t forgive you, don’t feel bad because you did your best from your side. Move on without any doubt. Leave everything behind and start a new chapter in your life. Maybe you could even move to a new place and seek out a new environment. Maybe spirituality and nature can help you out.

You are doing great already by accepting your mistakes. You are seeking atonement. Don’t lose faith.

Give yourself a second chance and this time, direct your life towards a positive direction.

The day when I decided to accept my flaws was the day when I started to live in a real sense. After all, I am a happy person now. I like to motivate people. I can understand your feelings. You are not alone, we are all here to help you.

The aim of this post has not been to seek attention but to help people who try to attempt suicide or think that they are unworthy because they have done nothing or that nobody gives a damn about their existence. Please don’t think so negatively. You can do better. I wrote this post for my friend.

Don’t feel sad if you think you don’t look good or you can’t afford luxuries. Smile and try to have a positive attitude towards life.

With love,
Neetu K K