If India And Pakistan Became Friends, Would That Destroy Global Trade?

Posted by Pramod Singh in Business and Economy
November 21, 2017

Some scars never heal. And some scars are never allowed to heal. In this case for sake of international politics and money-making business.

The international group of people who play a major role in world politics and the economy, would never want any region to be self-dependent and have better trade relationships among themselves, especially in the case of South Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and even China. The world has already been witness to the long-standing history of Asian countries. These corporations and leaders need the neighboring countries to fight and be dependent on western countries or developed countries for trade as well intervention in any dispute. For example, America is playing ‘referee’ for India and Pakistan since the past many years. Even China does that on a level to maintain a healthy trade market and to stay powerful than India and Pakistan.

Big companies like Amazon, Nestle, JP Morgan, P & G, Apple, Coca Cola, etc. all depend on, and have the largest share of market as well as resources in Asian countries. Moreover, the booming travel and tourism industry generates revenue from these regions. Today, India stands too close to developed countries in terms of economy as well as leadership, so they can’t just let them evolve – they just buy companies before they grow too big to give them a competition.

They continuously keep intervening. The latest example is that of the Middle East. They were on the path to development and self-reliance (countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, etc.). The US politics just did what they wanted from a very long time. They needed to disturb the grown up real estate and tourism industry there. It was creating a big dent to their revenue share and was too dangerous as it was engulfing some of top companies from the west. So, they exploited the oil resources in the Middle East.

India and Pakistan are dependent on western countries to quite an extent. They export raw materials and finished products to big companies. These products are labelled and priced to be sold in India and Pakistan as everyone wants to buy stuff from big brands. Even Bangladesh exports a huge share of clothing and other industrial stuff to developed countries which returns back to us in form of brands like ZARA, Spykar, Levis, etc. Think of a  few companies that Asians would flaunt. There are not a lot, I guess. It’s not like western companies have better marketing skills or a better business model. They just have the one ‘divide and rule’ policy.

So what will happen if there are good relations between people of these countries? They will trust each other and the world could lose a large amount of share in global commerce and politics.

What will the organisations like WHO, World Bank, UNESCO, UN, WTO do?

I believe that these organisations have anyhow not been successful in solving disputes like terrorism, trade, policy-making or anything else. Despite all the things manufactured in China and the trading in Hong Kong even with the so-called first world countries, these places are still labelled as a B class market.

Most of so called international foundation NGO’s are big scam just to make the 1 percent of people more richer and powerful. It’s not like people don’t understand – it’s just that they can help it. Many things and movements are in process but there it is discouraged due to local politics and commerce giants.

So be thoughtful, be wise and spread the word. May be the world will be a better place one day.

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