Don’t Worry, It’s Okay To Not Have A Clue About Your Future

In college, students usually think that they would make these their best years and do something great for themselves. They would join societies, win prizes and try to make their CVs sparkle.

But the thing is if you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s okay. You know what? Being in college societies is great, but what’s also great is taking your time. Find yourself and not what your ‘may be future recruiter’ would be looking for.

It’s okay if you’re unable to cope with your studies, it’s okay if you’re feeling lost. You may feel that time is slipping away like sand. The harder you try to hold on, the faster it slips away. So, let yourself free and wander. Watch and learn – there is a whole world of possibilities to explore.

Grind, hustle, let what you love to make your insides bleed stardust. Make your soul happy. A lot of students get stuck in the rut of what society wants them to do. Don’t let that happen to you.

Knowing what you want is great, but being a misfit is also a beautiful thing in itself. Keep yourself inspired and go with the flow. Do not feel out of breath. Breathe and let the air fill your lungs. Do not worry so much about what might happen in your future, think how you can make the best out of what you are right now.

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