Why people see the right in the wrong

Posted by Preeti Singh
November 25, 2017

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Recently in July, a cousin sister of mine was married. Her age was just 19, I do agree that legally she is in the right age to be married off. Whereas isn’t it still illegal to marry a gal of such young age to a guy almost 7 years older than her. Just for the sake of making sure she is married and her parents have done their part. I never understood a girl who has started working since the age she didn’t know definition of work as well, becomes a burden for her family. In what context they call her a burden, becoz she will be needing a dowry amount support to get a husband. Isn’t it our fault to get girls such husbands and in laws who are taking her as their slaves and demanding money as well. Is she burden becoz she can’t earn, what about all the not paid service she gave to her family since childhood.

The village was decorated, guest from all over the country were invited and the arrangements were made and boasted.

Meanwhile a small girl unaware of her coming problems, was sitting silently covered in the red sari. Her silence was the strength which was like standing calm in front of a ginmab who has a loaded gun just to shoot you.

Meanwhile everyone enjoyed her fear, stress and sorrow. Is this what we call institution of marriage. I feel inspite of arguing on teen talaq, child marriage, marital rapes. Its high tone we start arguing on whether marriage shall be legally a mandatory ritual for all or not. I do hope someday some generation do come up in support of illegality of marriage as an institution too.

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