In 24 Episodes, Ravish Kumar Has Exposed The Failures Of Our Education System

When India’s former President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, drew ‘Vision 2020’, he was largely dependent on the majority of the age group that our country has – the youth.

At this particular point, India has the highest youth population in the entire world. When the debate about India still not making it big worldwide comes across, we conveniently ignore this age group.

2020 is almost around the corner and we probably aren’t even getting where Dr Kalam wanted us to be. Where did it actually go wrong? What are the reasons behind us not progressing despite having the highest youth population?

It seems like nobody has the time to give attention to an important issue like this. Our news channels are busy with Honeypreet, Taj Mahal, Gujarat elections and what not. However, amidst diminishing hope from Indian journalism, Ravish Kumar just finished a series that provides some clarity on the question I’ve asked above.

No matter how much criticism Ravish has been subjected to for being a vocal critic of the establishment, he comes back with more power.

University Series’ was aired on NDTV in 24 episodes during prime time and raised some necessary questions. No matter what political views you carry or party you support, this series is for you. This is for every single young person in the country who is going to university or is about to join any university. It’s also for those who are thinking of taking teaching as a profession. Here are some of the important questions that Ravish’s ‘University Series’ raised:

Why Are Enough Teachers Not Appointed In Major Universities?

Imagine that you get admitted to an engineering college. Once you get admission, you come to know that your college doesn’t have teachers for the number of subjects. How will you study those subjects? How will you end up being a good engineer?

Majority of the universities and educational institutions does not even have half of the teachers that they actually require. Teachers for essential subjects like chemistry, maths and much more are not available. Universities do not even bother to hire teachers. The posts remain empty for years.

So many students complete their graduation without any teachers for such important subjects. How do you expect these students to get jobs if they don’t even have the knowledge of basic subjects? Who is responsible for their unemployment?

Why Labs And Libraries Are Such A Mess

Labs are where you get practically trained for the industry. You apply what you learn in the lab. But a majority of the institutions does not have labs. And those that do, don’t have the necessary equipment. Institutions that have both, have no teachers to tell students how to perform the practical.

Books remain to be the only medium to study when your education system is in splits. But wait, here’s one more mind-boggling twist – many universities don’t even have libraries for students to read in. Those that do have libraries are often not well maintained. Where do you think students will study?

Why Are Buildings Being Built If They’re Not Supposed To Be Used?

A large number of colleges have built new buildings for new courses. However, neither did the courses start, nor the buildings were ever used. The newly constructed buildings are now covered with grass.

Why was so much of the public fund wasted to build these buildings if they weren’t supposed to be used in first place?

Lack Of Training And Placement

When the universities have no teachers to teach important subjects, how do we expect them to have training and placement cells? Which company would like to hire students who don’t even have the basic idea of subjects and have zero practical knowledge?

Also, some of the students who graduate from these colleges, apply to become teachers in these institutes. They keep filling various forms but the institutes never hire them. Some of the institutions have posted circulars of vacancy 3-4 years ago, but nobody’s been hired till now.

All the 24 episodes were an outstanding piece of reporting. The reason for why our country isn’t progressing ahead is the unemployment of the youth. And for the unemployment of our youth, these universities and institutions are responsible. We are producing graduates with zero knowledge.

Kudos to Ravish Kumar and his team for this amazing effort. Unfortunately, I think there are very minimal chances that this series would bring any change since our education system has been unmoved till now. But before you decide to troll Ravish Kumar, think about why you’re sitting here jobless. It’s the system that has made you sit and troll others. Do not fall for them. Your future is being destroyed. Appreciate the efforts of people like Ravish Kumar, because none of the nationalist channels have talked about this problem.

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