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Why  Should You Not Fall In Love Kyonki Mohabbat Hai Mirchi Sanam!

Posted by Preeti Panwar Solanki
November 1, 2017

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Why  Should You Not Fall In Love

Kyonki Mohabbat Hai Mirchi Sanam!

A scientific Formula which proves that Love is Like Hot Red Chilies!





Love’ and the idea of its existence , I already proved  ‘ null’and void’.

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Love does not exist, its nothing.

LOVE is not in the air rather it is the ‘air’. hawa hai ye bus…matlab kuch nahi hai..

You  feel it, but its not substantial.

Love, the most overrated word from vocabulary.

but then I have taken another assumption that if it really exist,then  ‘ what’ exactly it is ?

Or how does it feel like?

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Love is a Trick?

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It is just mom nature’s  trick, cruelest trick to get us to reproduce. Nothing more. It is overrated, It is just a fantasy that for many people just isn’t achievable.

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It sets unrealistic expectations in people that  leads to disappointment, because it’s portrayed as “never ending”“perfect”,  which is incorrect because love is not perfect at all, and it ends all the time.

Love is a Game ?


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Like  basketball,Table Tennis, cricket, football, etc, love is also another game. Some play it well, some are bad and learning to play it well, and some simply suck at it. The Game in which woman seeks warmth and commitment while what all a man wants is the pair of Boobs and trade,trade like ‘tum mujhe khana bana ke do, mai tumhe ‘feel of love’ dunga.

yes, true fact it is. If you feel that your man loves you, remember they are always hunting  for another  another pair somewhere else !

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And the game starts. Every man dreams of being Hero – handsome, rich, talented, famous & having many beautiful women without being emotionally attached. She will be attracted to his strengths, but he will not be emotionally attached with her.  A woman will tell man to be completely truthful  with her, and man will comeup with the most creative lie in the entire  ‘9 planets of the solar system’ ever to tell her. The game ends with the tears. A sort of game that brings tears to her eyes,The sort of tears that a man is never ashamed of.

“A woman wants one man to satisfy her every little need.
A man wants every woman to satisfy his one little need.” – 


Love is a Chemical ?

Love is just a cruel chemical that makes us want to be with another person.

Love where you unknowingly keep  moving on simply complex stages of  Oxytocin,Vasopressin,Serotonin just because of your inner bitches  Adrenaline and  Dopamine !

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Do not fall in love

It’ll make a person exotic feel good effect, but as soon as this chemical wears off the couple will begin to feel displeasure , bringing hell to the two involved  There’s nothing magical about it.

Image result

image source

This is the reason that It doesn’t last for ever it fades with time everyone who married or been into relationship for love   regrets it in the end (Few rare exception).

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do not fall in love

I believe that only the most naive people will think love is real. It’s a cruel and most useless feeling ever to have. Get a partner  for getting help in daily chores, for listening to your grudges, a permanent driver, electrician ,money, for having children etc but love, most definitely not!!!!

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Love  is like Red Chillies -Mohabbat Hai Mirchi ?

love is like red chillies, Is it ? Yes Its spicy ,tasty but it burns ,it burns you high. Those who have been in love , they will agree that at the end, it gives   burning sensation , get red eyes and it damage their heart badly. It is scientifically also proved by INSANE Scientist with illogical  Bollywood formula that, Love is Red Chilli,

Mohabbat hai mircchi sanam !

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image source

A scholar famously said in “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil” that

“Woh meri mohabbat tha aur main uski aadat”
Main = AADAT

Replacing (ME) in eq(1)

Multiplying both sides by I

Bollywood has taught us that “Mohabbat Ibaadat hai”.
Replacing in eq(2)

Does the formula seems stupid,  brainlessfoolish,  idiotic just like love , then leave it to the one who derived it.

You Just  remember not to be trapped in the game of  Love !

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image source : do not fall in love

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preeti panwar solanki

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(Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres – As Love in the Bible)

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