Posted by Prashant Pal
November 15, 2017

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We are forced to look at things in a certain perspective and that too very deliberately. We end up believing in beliefs of people who surround us. Every time this happens we lose  something which could have been a fresh approach. Conducting ourselves in  a the classified manner deprives  us from reality and associates the psyche with just too many wishes. Following is a poetic expression of what giving up your voice and depression might sound.

Filled with chaos and colors
The landscape was to be gazed.
To love and cherish daytime
as if sadness was a cage.
Hiding discomfort behind pearly whites,
Happiness is often an outrage.

Learn the normal
For different is an outcaste.
Wish to lose sight of the dusk,
For night is your only comfort.
Norms and rules all defied,
With acceptance at prime height.

Howls, cries and everything spice,
Ignorant remains of daytime diabetic delight.
Scrolls, swipes but no wipes,
Freedom that only tears attained.

Soaked and drenched,
Breathe, breathe, breathe
For only Messiah is sleep!
With dawn at the door
The sun’s up
On the work again,
Fake smile of another chuck.

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