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Witnessing Deaths

Posted by Nabeel Ahmad
November 26, 2017

NOTE: This post has been self-published by the author. Anyone can write on Youth Ki Awaaz.


Wondering among deadly lands
Habitats of mutants and unknowns
I found a feeling of being homesick
Funny enough I was a wanderer deserted
And now these emotions, it’s like I don’t need shelters
I need company of someone I could called to be mine
But when I gaze out I see massacre
I’m threatened and want to escape these futile fates
Every another person seems to be so close
And then they start to fall, I’m willing to help but I’m powerless
I’m hopeless, I’m a burden to those who died for me
Supposedly they entrusted me with their hopes
Asked me to carry them to someone worthy
But I’m not living up to my own expectations
I saw dead of my own blood, I hid in darkness
I was afraid and when it was over I realised
Those weren’t the criminals, it was me
Who hid and ignored screams of help
Who acted hopeless but could’ve done a thing
Somewhere all these emotions throw my guards off
I realised reality my fantasies were long ago over
If only I could’ve been there to save those who died for me
But I’m regretting I couldn’t stood up for you
But there would not be any more bloodshed
And if were ever to be then it would be mine
If I could be there and let live a single soul to ambush
I would’ve more than fulfilled and if ever
I were to die let live my body to be scavaged
But seriously never lay down a person for just a knucklehead.
Lessons just enough for me rejoice in heaven.

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