Woman Possessed By “Kali”

Posted by Shrabani Sarkar Baksi
November 7, 2017

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Malati was standing  at the Centre  of  the courtyard  of her house with a sickle  (farming  tool) in her hand. She was behaving  unhibited sometimes saying  something unfathomable. Suddenly she threw the sickle on the ground and shrieked loudly. The crowd  that gathered  on her courtyard dispersed a bit and someone  murmured “she has been possessed  again”.

Many among us may not be aware of this term “possessed” which is actually  an occult and is quite rampant in remote areas where electricity is still a luxury. Hindus take the effect on face value, believing that is “kali”. Some westerners studying this don’t see an occult side to it at all and rationalize  it away. To them this is an outburst from the unconscious mind of some Hindu women due to their Regressive lives.

Malati a small village girl got married to Madhav who lived with his father and worked in nearby  city. First few months  of her new life was rosey and seemed to be perfect  what she dreamt of. But things started changing when Madhav left for his workplace with a promise  to come soon. Days passed  by and Malati’s feminine instinct felt somewhat  uncomfortable in presence of Madhav’s father. She never mustered the courage to tell Madhav about his father. But things took ugly turn when someone  knocked at her door at the dead of night  only to be surprised to see Madhav ‘s father drunk and gestured in lewd way. Sensing something wrong she closed the door immediately but the ordeal continued. Malati could not found out a way to get rid of this impending  danger.

She was a village  girl and was accustomed to many types of sorcery, occult s which are quite prevalent in small and remote villages like Malati’s and took the garb of being possessed  to save herself from her molester.

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