Posted by Rumika Oraon
November 18, 2017

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Do you remember me,
As I do?
Do you think of me,
As often as I do?
Were you desperate,
To talk to me,
To see me,
To meet me,
As I was?
But Papa, I was.
Yes, I was.

Papa, Mumma used to
Narrate me stories.
About you and her,
How you both met
And fell in love.
About you and didi,
How you play together.
I’m also your daughter, Papa.
Don’t you wanna play with me, Papa?
But Papa, I do.
Yes, I do.

Papa, Didi was reading,
Kalpana Chawla was the
First Indian Woman
To go into Space.
Indira Gandhi was the
First Woman Prime Minister
Of India.
Women can do anything, Papa.
Did you hear her reading, Papa?
But Papa, I did.
Yes, I did.

Papa, Dadi came to visit us today.
She asked about me.
I heard her saying,
Upto one girl, it was okay.
But now, not two.
Maa ji, you are also a woman.
How can you do this?
But no one listened to Mumma.
She was crying, Papa.
Did you see her crying, Papa?
But Papa, I did.
Yes, I did.

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