Yes I like girls…not ashamed at all

Posted by Aaru Boss
November 14, 2017


I m 18 …and I myself didn’t Know about my sexuality till I was 17.

In 1st year of college I saw a girl first crush..u know that cute lovely feeling..but I was annoyed by my own feelings..caz for me it was abnormal kind of…. this is what I was taught actually. So ignoring those feelings a good choice than realising what it was actually.

Back then I never had any crush or love scene.So it was first time I realised what attraction and love is exactly.

Ahhh that stage of confusion, frustration, depression, fear and all the worse feelings I could ever have..was horrible.

I spent a whole month searching on net about sexual orientation and I got to know pretty much about it. I talked to a counselor…and what she said is” may be it’s just attraction.. nothing else.It happens caz u are in girls college.Think carefully.May be u just want her as a friend and nothing else.”

So conclusion…more confusion. I decided to figure out myself and  slowly I accepted myself..I talked to that girl and told her everything …yaa she didn’t say yes…but at least I felt good…I came out to all my friends and thankfully their reaction was good enough.

Now I have a gf and I am not ashamed or uncomfortable with myself anymore. Thanks to her. I know all the hardships we will have to face but I can’t change myself this is what I am.So it’s better not to fake myself.

Acceptance from your own heart and mind is too important.

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