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You can Too Create history!

November 19, 2017

NOTE: This post has been self-published by the author. Anyone can write on Youth Ki Awaaz.

The hardships you confront,
The obstacles that you face
Will make you even stronger and worthy
Of clenching the golden wings of success
So get yourself ready, you Brace yourself….
This may leave you utterly dead
Coz there’s coming my friend… a tough phase ahead.

There are times when you feel low,
When Everything feels out of flow,
And Everything seems like breaking
But don’t lose hope even though the pace seems slow
If you do, its a suicidal pill that you’re taking
A permanent mistake that you’re making
I wonder why you’re not waking up
This isn’t the path you’re supposed to be taking up!

At times you fall,
Gets banged against the wall,
All your hopes are lost
And you can’t get up at any cost.

Whining and blaming is not a way out,
The remedy to your malady merely you can find…there’s no doubt.
So try and muster courage and stand again my friend,
Take yourself up on your feet again,
Take yourself off the ground,
No one’s gonna relieve your pain,
Don’t look out for the help around,
You’ll be dejected and dumbfound.

Take a look from vantage point,
On your goals you set your eyes.
Prepare to strain your every freaking joint,
Its time to turn all sane and wise,
This time you won’t yourself disappoint,
And on this very earth
You will create your own paradise.

So keeping the distractions away and apart,
Again you commence everything from start,
Leave no room for error and mistake,
Your future awe-inspiring you surely can make,
Coz success is there on platter for us,
it is no mystery
By giving your best from dawn till dust
One day you can too create history……

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