You me and her.

Posted by Aashna Khurana
November 15, 2017

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It’s 4 am in the morning,

I race back to my home.

You’re in the passenger seat,

Smoking cigar and tapping to the beat.

With every puff, a little I detach,

To me it’s nothing but humanly ash.


It’s 2 am of the same night,

I run into you and her.

Little I wish to never have known,

Little I wish to never have seen.

She slipped into your hands like a sand clock,

I gaze at you like a hard cold rock.


We were sipping wine,

Dancing to the rhyme.

At 12 am I kiss you to birthday,

At 2, you kiss her.

Round and round, hoping for a miracle,

Falling ash, cigarettes, cigars and liquor to handle.

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