Youth for the Elderly

Posted by pratyusha lakkapragada
November 17, 2017

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I am someone who takes pride in my independence. I love my way of life and I am glad that I am learning, changing and adapting to my surroundings. Born in the  80’s, I have seen a change in the people, their mindset and priorities and I am very sure this is going to change again. After all change is the only constant and motivating factor in our lives.


Sometimes, I must admit this thought crosses my mind. For how long would I be able to stand these changes and even worse, what happens when I am unable to face it. Is that what happened to the youth of 60’s who had seen amazing changes like traveling to space, women’s liberation movement, television and so much more? Is this why they are tired and weary of the internet, smartphones etc that fills our world? Why is it that they feel so lonely despite the fact that they can talk to anyone, anytime, see them just with a tap on a screen. I have been closely working the elderly people and have heard them all say it at some or the other point of time, ‘We need a person to talk to, We need someone to hear us out’. No food, no gifts nothing makes them happier than a person who wishes them and spends at least an hour with them.

The youth of yesterday – Elderly of today are emotionally dependent on their next generation. Let us all pledge to spare at least an hour every week with an elderly person, give them some happiness, make them feel wanted and that we care for them… #CAREforelderly


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