2G Scam Verdict: Scary And Disappointing For Common Citizens Like Us

A very clumsy rant has started from the Congress party from the time the special CBI court has given its judgement. All its leaders are jumping into the debate and trying to justify the incorrectness of the theory of loss of revenue caused to the treasury of India, because they have got the ‘license’ to do so and to be honest, for me it is all hazy. Neither I am convinced with the rant coming from the accused nor the logic being given from the prosecution’s side.

Its reason is very simple: both sides are merely giving statements to contain their vote shares, and both the sides have hollow claims.

Let’s understand it by dividing it into three subsections. Let’s first start from the accused side. Why were A. Raja and the others not able to justify their stand initially in court? After all, only because the court thought that the accused was indeed guilty, did it send them to jail. Why could they not justify their policies for spectrum bidding and allocation in parliament or public? Why could the warriors of the DMK and the Congress not justify the bidding and allocation? Why were they never ready to discuss the issue in the parliament? They were only saying that it should be left on the court to decide whether it was correct or not, because they had a full trust on their ability to subvert the judiciary and the ineffectiveness of the system.

When the Congress found that it was getting impossible for the parliament to function, they just took the ministry from Raja’s hand, but they never elaborated in any convincing manner that there was no loss. They only said that there was no loss, but logic they provided was hollow.

The ruckus that was created by the then Opposition deserved the white paper with clarifications on all the raised concerns. Let’s say at that time, they were not ready to succumb to the demands of the opposition due to obvious reasons, what is stopping them from bringing the white paper now?

It will be more convenient also, as it may expose the “false claim” by the prosecution in public and re-establish their trust. We can clearly see that the accused side is only relying on the judgement of the court. The lack of trust of the common man in the court is not because the courts are giving incorrect judgements. This trust deficit is mounting due to the failure of the concerned agency and the lack of moral value in their officers for some possible materialistic favour, in putting the evidence in court. The court gives its judgement only on the facts and evidence brought to their notice and the correspondence of the court. After seeing the statements, it can easily be estimated that almost no evidence has been given in court.

Now lets come to the prosecution side. If the prosecution was on its feet and was so convinced with the scam, then what have they done after making the allegations to ensure that the accused are behind bars and given the highest possible punishments? How did the country benefit by stalling one full session of parliament? It is correct that there should be absolutely no comment if a matter is sub-judice, but what about now?

The judgement has come and both the sides should come forward and explain their stand. At least we, as countrymen, should also be informed about what has happened on the ground. Which side was or is wrong?

We are witnessing for a while, how the judiciary is being subverted. If a person comes in public with an open heart and mind, with readiness and willingness to answer all questions and concerns or is ready to take the responsibility of any incidence or happening, we have been entrusting him, and rightly so, we should continue to the same in future too. The willingness and capacity to take responsibility must be admired in the bigger picture.

The world has witnessed that even after huge media criticism, how people stood by the side of government’s decision of demonetization. I am saying this even after acknowledging that many question marks still exist on those decisions. But here, I am talking about the stand and expectation of a common citizen.

The people who highlighted the scam, have been in power for the past three and a half years. What have they done to ensure the punishments for the accused?

In the first look, it seems that the prosecution side was less interested in ensuring punishments and more interesting in making the case weaker. In our country, if you’re a loan defaulter, the bank will not let you live in peace. You also cannot shun yourself from police enquiry. But in the same country, if a scam has happened, the well trained and specialised agencies dedicated to the investigation cannot even collect minimum evidence.

It is not the incompetence of our agencies or its officers, but it is the ineffectiveness of the system that is there to distinguish between an accused and innocent. It is the lobby working on offering and withdrawing the meagre materialistic facility easily.

Now coming to the perception and its takeaways from the recent development in the 2G case. We are not sure what will happen with the case next or when the CBI and the ED will appeal in the higher courts.

But we do feel sad looking back at how the parliament was stalled. After almost seven years of hearing, the court says that the scam never took place. It is scary to see a case as closely followed as this being goofed up. I wonder what the state of a common man would be. Can media channels not have a responsible debate with financial experts and assess the same on behalf of the masses?

The judgement may a bring smile on the face of few or may bring wrinkles to other few. It may uplift the politics of few while fading the politics of others, but as far as common people are concerned, it is scary and disappointing for us.

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