5 Years Of Nirbhaya: Has Anything Changed?

Posted by Talha Rashiđ
December 14, 2017

One woman is raped every 20 minutes in India – and only one out of four cases of rape end in a conviction. If the story manages to make it to the front page of a newspaper, you might hear about her. But you will rarely hear from her.

So, from now on, let’s start listening. Let’s stay angry. Let’s decide that we have had enough.

Nearly five years back, on December 16, 2012, the nation witnessed the massive public outrage against the gang-rape of a medical student in a private bus near Munirka. The blood boiled in the veins of the nation’s people, which lead to heavy public protests. The suspects were arrested within a day.

However, the unstoppable public outpouring following the incident forced the government to make commissions, enquiries, fast-track courts and laws.

But nothing has seemingly sated human mindsets. What do we think of a girl? A toy, or a crumb of bread, is she?

Stare them down, smile and rape her with your eyes, or even try to molest her with your elbow when she is travelling in a packed metro train! Try to have a glimpse into her cleavage every time when she tries to pick something up! And don’t deny this if you have done this at some time or the other!

What makes our politicians think that she should not wear those pretty hot-pants? Why can’t she go out for late- night parties with her friends? Why shouldn’t she drink or smoke? After all its her choice – it’s her life!

Why does her brother or her male friend have to drop her, every time she goes somewhere at night? Why does a mother have to call her daughter innumerable times even though she may simply be stuck in a traffic jam?  She is worried because of you.

A few people cite silly reasons for a rape – such as porn, drugs, flirting, clothes, going to pubs, etc. Ironically, the reason is ‘you’, above all! Can’t you control yourself? What are you becoming?

And for every ‘why’ here, the answer is ‘you’.


Featured image source: Ajay Aggarwal/Hindustan Times via Getty Images