6 Common Dilemmas of Teenage Life

Posted by Ishika Agarwal in Culture-Vulture
December 7, 2017

Teenage is the defining period of one’s life. It is the time when you are emotionally vulnerable, inexperienced and ignorant about the many facets of life. So it is natural when for you to get confused in situations when you have to make a decision between choices.

Whether it is about choosing the right college, selecting your future career or any other matter that challenge your judgment, it is never easy to reach a decision when you are a teenager.

This article reveals some of the common dilemmas every teenager face in their life:

Dealing With Emotional Changes

Teenage is a time when we go through an emotional transition. As we proceed towards puberty, we start experiencing a range of emotions. The hormonal changes in our body further change our emotional system. All these emotional changes have an influence on us which reflect in our life choices.

During this phase of time, we start to make emotional bond and get attached to someone we can love, trust and fall back on. But this transition is not always easier for every teenager, especially those who are particularly concerned about their future.

Therefore, it is not always easier for teenagers to attach to someone emotionally and they tend to be reluctant in forming a serious relationship.

Managing Financial Affairs

Managing finances is another cause of worry for many teenagers. Being in their teenage, they find it difficult to resist the temptations of the world. Many times they end up buying things out of impulsiveness which they later brood over.

Majority of the times, it is the temptations of shopping and hanging around with friends that make a teenager think twice before taking out money from their pocket.

Choosing The College

Choosing your college is one of the trickiest decisions a teenager has to make during his teenage. The major cause of concern is whether to go with the choice of the majority or choose an institution based on your own preferences. So there is pretty much of peer pressure to cope with.

For any teenager, it is never easier to go against the flow. The risk factor deters them to make choice at their own discretion. The majority of the time they base their decision on popular opinion.

Making A Career Choice

Choosing the right career is another matter of concern for the teenagers. By the time any teenager reaches the final year of their degree program, they start contemplating on their career options. Once again, the element of peer pressure is involved and the person has to take his time before he makes his choice.

There are many impediments when you give a thought to your career planning. What would be your industry? What would be your particular area of the industry? Will you work in your homeland or abroad? All these questions are enough to create a chaos in the mind of the students.

Making The Right Friends

Your friends are your companion for life which is why teenager takes their time before getting attached to someone as a friend. For any teenage, making friendship means inviting someone in your proximity and sharing your privacy. So it is natural for them to give it a thought when someone extends an invitation for friendship.

Finding A Mentor

Teenagers need the validation for their decisions which is why they tend to share their thoughts with someone who will show them the right path. For any teenager, a mentor is more than a guiding source for their pending decisions. In fact, he is a confidant that they can turn to whenever they are stuck in a conundrum.


Teenage is the most crucial phase of your life. It is the time when you form the most beautiful moments of your life that you cherish for the rest of your life. So don’t kill those beautiful moments by making wrong decisions and seek guidance from someone you can trust.