A Little Knowledge is a dangerous thing… by ”S.MANNAH”!!

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December 27, 2017

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                             It was a normal day at the school of Narayani… She does not have friends as a company but shw has an observant nature so she keeps bulging her eyes on various pupils in her class and most importantly their bonding and attachment… If that is visible, after the third period two other seat mates of Narayani came discussing something sheepishly and in an embarrased tone to each other… One of the girls named Vandana tells the other girl Ena that one of their male companions named Aditya Sungh asks her what are periods? 

                        Both started gossiping and felt a little coy as a male guy has asked them about female mensis… Any other person can pinpoint and take this as a very shameful concept to be dealt by a girl, why Aditya Thakur Singh asks only Vandana and not any other girl or any teacher for that matters? The answer will be that he himself is uncertain and filled with too many queries about this concept and his friend Vandana seems like an easy way to get the answer as he was very friendly and open with her… But the real issue is not him asking about the female periods, female menstrual cycle to Vandana and displays his curiosity about the matter but the lack of incomplete knowledge he has achieved through television commercials and his elders, like his parents, teachers and moreover the society where he lives which considers this serious and most essential part of a women’s life as a taboo topic and is considered as a shame to be discussed in the society with elders that is why Aditya is compelled to ask this doubtful query and supposedly his curiosity like other other younsters out ther for sure but as girls also belongs to the same scenario they are also the product of the same society, they are also not having much knowledge about it and evwn if they have they were always asked to stay mum on this topic as in its a crime when a female gets into the second phase of womanhood that is the periods… 

                        The problem lies within and the problem is the staunch mindsets that were prevailent since ages in the society which are very harsh on woman and the orthodoxical nature is still in the mindsets of individuals… Not forget to mention the superstiousness is also one of the factors involving exploitation of a female either by the hands of patriarchal nature and also females too are no less in following the age old superstitious traditions and attitude which only pollutes the mindsets and later ruins the life by too much of pressure and useless strictness…

Please Note~ By properly inculcating knowledge about several sensitive topics to the kids in the elementary classes will help in creating awareness in the society and definitely helps in a right way of civilazation…~~~

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