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A new entry in the list of crimes, that is love jihad. How can we let this happen?

Posted by Bushra Gaur
December 10, 2017

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In India, where there is no absence of crimes, we have a new entry in the list that is “love jihad”. Supporters of love jihad thinking that they are protecting there hindu girls from muslim boys but i just want to say them ” hey supporters, just go and protect yourself from the disgusting and monstrous minds you are having. You dont have to protect any girl, according to me a girl is brave enough to protect herself”. How there minds can be so dirty? How they can even think to do such an incredible thing? From my point of view, now they have found an amazing reason to do crime, so now they are thinking that they are free to do crimes and murders in the name of “love jihad”.

We all heard about this incident happened in Rajasthan’s Rajsamand, it is shameful that we are living with these monster people. In this video, you can hear the last words of the victim he was begging for his life. How can we say that India is an independent country, I would say NO, IT IS NOT because here we still not have Right to freedom and Right to privacy. A person saying that he is saving his hindu sisters, I would like to ask him ” Are all hindu girls your sisters? Do you really never saw any hindu girl with your dirty intentions? How can you protect a girl with monstrous mind? Who gave you rights to burn a man alive while judging his personal life?”. Nobody has right to interfere into the personal life of any other person. Just go and clean your mind first and if a man really wants to protect a girl than go protect that girl who is suffering from trafficking and the girl who daily tortured by some rapists, then you will be called a respected man. Burning a man alive is not a solution but it is a crime.

Love jihad, who created it?.

All those illiterate people out there who have nothing to do in their lives and they never use there mind to think or learn something better to improve their lives are the one who creates such hilarious things. Those who have nothing to talk about are the people who always focus on the issues related to the religions because their minds are big enough to think about religious issues only and they never get out of it. To make new issues on other religions is the only work they can do better with the help of their small minds. 

It’s origin is in kerala and mangalore, And kerala has good literacy rate but if high literacy rated area can originate such a dirty statement of love jihad then how can we able to make India a developed country.

In this case from kerala, Hadiya was a non muslim girl but she converted herself into muslim religion So how can people out there say that she was a victim of love jihad by a muslim boy. She was in love with him and may be she did so because of love and she also loved his religion islam. Nobody has right to judge the personal life of any other person. It was all her decision to change her religion because she was in love with him then from where this love jihad came between both of them.

So as we can see in the case of Afrazul from rajasthan. Raigar has no right to judge the personal life of Afrazul and to take decisions of his life. He has no right to punish Afrazul for the unrealistic crime of love jihad which is not should be considered as a crime. Crime is the murder of Afrazul by that monstrous minded Raigar.

To stop this new entered crime of love jihad, we should spread the unity of religion that is humanity.

Love and Jihad are two different things, please dont combine them to spread hatred everywhere.

There must be love between every religion because in our country we have right to freedom and right to privacy ,if anyone trying to extort the rights of any other person then he is a criminal. Jihad is termed as battle and it is opposite of love. How can we combine these two different things and if anyone trying to combine them then he is trying to create hatred in our country and he is the real terrorist.

If it is not stopped here, then it will murder all the lovers of our country and we will never found any love around us. Love is the only thing left which is not corrupted yet so please dont try to murder it. Let the lovers be live together and give them rights to take their personal decisions. The only religion of lovers is love , but with a monstrous mind you can’t see the love, you will only find the different religions of them but in reality they both changed their religions and converted themselves into the religion of love.

Stop this crime, otherwise you will never get to see the Love Marriages.

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