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A reason to get closer to nature: a traverse alongside the backwaters

Posted by lifemadeasyholidays
December 28, 2017

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The essence of visiting Kerala is hidden in three factors of nature which are the hill stations, backwaters and the beaches. While places like Munnar, Nelliampathy and Wayanad pay justice to Hill stations, Kovalam and Varkala satisfy the Thalassophiles. The backwaters offer an array of options where the tourists can spend it at  Kochi, Alleppey, Kumarakom, Kollam and Kasargod. All the destinations offer the travelers with a chance to set a voyage through the waters that offer the beauty of the villages situated in Kerala. A tour package to Kerala is powered by one backwater but the travelers can find some basic sights of backwaters everwhere which have been given below.

The delicious food platter

All the backwater destinations sell the tastiest and most authentic food of Kerala. Known profoundly for the seafood dishes, this place is where the travelers get to munch on some great delicacies.  At both Alleppey and Kumarakom, the spicy fish gravy and fish fry are like a little party in the taste buds for the people. While shrimp and pearl spot are most favorable to the people, a lot more of other species of fish are served to the people. in case the travelers are going to Kasargod, there are chances that they would also get served with Biriyani as the Malabar biriyani is a must check out when exploring the destination. In short, a food lover can attain satisfaction from gobbling the food from the reminiscing backwaters of Kerala.

 Have you had toddy yet?

If you are at a backwater destination in Kerala, you must surely have some fresh toddy from the place. The unfermented coconut drink is extracted from the fresh saplings which offer the tourists with a  great combination when drunk with the spicy seafood. People often order toddy when they set off on a houseboat journey. Even if not choosing to travel through a houseboat, a number of toddy shops are located close to the backwaters from where the travelers can have the fresh drink.

The scenery at the best of bliss

Every backwater destination offers the tourists with a beautiful sunrise and sunset. The sight of the sun setting into the lake and rising above from the lake is the most beautiful scenic delights that can be captured. Sipping a glass of coffee or tea and sitting inside the houseboat, witnessing this alongside the vegetation and plantations that cover the rest of the destinations. On taking an 8-hour cruise and 12-hour cruise in the boat, the travelers can relax and watch the spectacular scenery

The natures most beautiful place of birds

Birdwatchers can find their paradise at the backwater destinations as it is the hub of local as well as migratory species of birds. When on a cruise through the Vembanad lake, the travelers can stop at an Island named Pathiramanal, which is known to house 91 species of birds. Stork-billed Kingfisher, Indian cormorant and Cotton pygmy goose are few of the varied species one would get to see when at the Islands. On carrying binoculars, one can observe these birds as well. It is also a paradise for the people who are into photography as the birds can be captured in its real beauty.

 The best and fresh catch of fish

The trade of fish also happens on the banks of the backwaters. The fishermen would have drawn nets across the lake and some would have set hooks. The usual scenario is such that where the cook in the houseboat often purchase the fresh catch from the fisherman and get it cooked for the tourists. In case the travelers are in need of fresh lake water fish, the best place to purchase them is by the backwaters.  On traveling through the backwaters at Kasargod, the tourists also get to see people breeding mussels in the lake which are also a great treat to those who would love to try out new dishes. In fact, it stands out to be a specialty of the Malabar where they make it in the best possible way and serve it to the tourists.

An array of choices on cruising

Other than houseboats, the travelers can also cruise through the backwaters in a speedboat or a catamaran. While the speedboat cruise provides the travelers with a quick outlook of the backwaters, a catamaran provides a slow voyage. But catamarans often offer short time service. The honeymooners who look forward to having a good post-wedding shoot often choose the backwaters in which the catamarans play a major role. With more options and more activities, the backwaters sure stand out among all the other tourists’ destinations in Kerala.

The festivities of the backwaters

The most famous backwater fest also happens at Kerala out of which the prominent ones are Rajiv Gandhi Boat Race, Champakkulam Boat Race and Aranmula Boat Race. the snake boat races are an annual festival and people wait in awe for this local festival. In fact, people come from various parts of the World to witness this marvelous sight. Nehru Trophy Boat Race is the most famous of all and it takes place at Alleppey. On taking a journey to Kerala during the month of August would give the tourists with an opportunity to be a part of this much-celebrated festival as well.

On setting off on a houseboat, the travelers can be free of tension and can have a great journey where they can set up the best get-togethers as well. Along with setting a voyage, the travelers can also indulge in playing games and having a lot more fun as they get to travel on a houseboat. Also, all the facilities one might require are available in a houseboat giving the tourist a homebound feeling. Also, India has only two states with major backwaters in it which are Kerala and Goa. Kerala stands forth with a lot more of options where the travelers also get to have a very satisfactory journey by choosing a travel package through the backwaters of Kerala.

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