A revolution doesn’t need a leader, Just a vision!

Posted by Swathish Ravi
December 15, 2017

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I am not here to give some tips on health, lifestyle, beauty or whatever. I am not here to throw some numbers on poverty, corruption or climate change. I am here today to talk about us and our responsibilities as a society! I am writing here simply because it is a community that’s raising voice together and so we wanna join to sound louder and clearer! I kindly beg five mins of your time to read through fully as your decision take a small step could be the first step the revolution!

What I am about to propose is not something we are doing for a social cause to redeem our karma points and this post is not here to burden us.

A wise man once said, “we are what we eat”.

Traditions are changing in a way that we do not have control of anymore. When was the last time you stepped foot on a farmland? We are spending thousands of dollars on yoga, fitness and cosmetics to look beautiful and healthy. If we cannot fix at the root, no use cutting the infected branches as they grow. With the demand for food growing higher each day, the existing food chain models are throwing away a lot of vegetables and fruits because they don’t look uniform and not attractive enough to be sold. With increasing demand for high quality and uniformly looking farm products, farmers are forced to use genetically modified or hybrid/high yielding seeds to cope up with the demand.

Do any of us know what are we eating? Even the farmers don’t know what’s in their seeds and fertilizers anymore. Due to the lack of information, farmers are forced to use untested and unreliable seeds and fertilizers that break not only their soil and crops, but also their hopes. And the worst part is, no one seems to care even when a farmer commits suicide or when his family is humiliated. Then how will the next generation of farmers be inspired or motivated to carry the torch from their ancestors? We are moving so fast, leaving our farmers behind while their lands are rotting, which is the most precious asset for human life! Now farmers have started burning their crops for not being treated fairly. If they all decide together not to give food away, the first thing we worry about will not be our job, car or whatever we have been wanting and dying to buy in ages.

See a sample coverage of a recent event on how the Politicians are drifting people´s attention away from real issues.

What steps can we take to solve this problem?

It’s about the connection. It’s about the community.

The next step is to establish stronger connection between urban people and farmers, rising as a healthy community by bridging the gap, like our grandfathers could and did. Stay connected to your farmer. Support them whenever necessary. Bring them along, not physically but also morally and economically.

Our vision is just not to empower farmers, but to connect farmers with the people and best of all get to know what’s our food made of.

A software engineer from Mumbai should be able to connect to a farmer in Vidharbha. A developer from Bangalore should be able to connect to a farmer in Bellari. Forming local communities where Farmers can sell at fair prices and where you can trust on quality is the key to moving forward prosperously. Not to forget, finally be happy about what we eat.

It’s alright, if we don’t eat tomatoes that look similar when they are much healthier when grown organically. Even though our product is good, and it can help a lot of farmers to grow food in a more sustainable way, we do not call that as revolution. All of us joining hands to face what’s coming at us, as a community is what a revolution is all about.

“We had an industrial revolution and an agricultural revolution. The next one should be a revolution of mindset, of behaviour!
Help farmers today to feed us better food tomorrow.”

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