2G: A Scam That Wasn’t

The verdict on the 2G spectrum case is nothing less than a deceptive plot for a movie. The scam, believed as the most expensive corruption case of the nation (value of ₹1.76 lakh crore) is seen as a false story based on presumptions by a CBI court. And that ‘presumption’ made by a constitutional authority (CAG) is what makes it grave.

I am stunned to my core at this incident. I saw the reply of trial court in this matter where the court gave a clean chit to the alleged people because of lack of evidence. Then why did the case stay pending for so long? I am seriously starting to worry about our judicial system.

Not only this, the incident raises serious questions on the credibility of CAG and the CBI. These authorities of high power are supposed to protect the interests of people, but they have failed miserably – especially in faithfully discharging their duties. The whole event also raises an alarm on the dirty politics of our country which has stooped extremely low.

What a wastage of time and resources! And what a clever plan to defeat the government.I seriously hate myself for looking for clever suspense stories in movies. Instead, I should have followed this case earlier. But I feel fortunate, that I stumbled upon it at such a crucial time.

With the judgement, the storm is not over, it just took a turn. The real crisis is going to happen in the coming days, when the decision will be absorbed by different stakeholders – especially the present government and investigative agencies. The issue really demands for revisiting the role of CAG and his powers. The presumptions by the CAG glued the whole nation to their TV sets, but even after so much investigation nothing really came out.

The CBI too, is in the sphere of doubt for its investigation methods. How did nobody bother to verify the claims? It does seem a bit far-fetched and dramatic, don’t you think? Who is responsible for such a callous attitude of authorities? Who is going to give back time and prestige to all the alleged people who suffered in the course?

Such a careless way to deal with an important issue like this brings shame to the nation, and is unacceptable. For me, the moral authority of the present government’s system is at stake, since these scams were the only agendas through which they came to power.

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