A trip to potential of india

Posted by The ApkBoy
December 31, 2017

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I would like to draw attention towards current situation of India through a conversation between RJ Naved and a travel agent.

Please note that i wrote this article myself and it is a written article of that conversation.

I am not against any religion or company. I am just like to draw our attention towards our potential. Related topic is “Brain Drain”.

Naved khan, better known as RJ Naved is one of my personal favourite man. His prank calls are so funny to resist laughter. Among these he  talked on serious matter too and about one i am writing below…

This is written conversation between RJ Naved and a travel agent, tarun.

I am referring RJ Naved as me….


“Hello, can i speak to jagdish” i asked.

“Sorry, He is not here, How can i help you” replied the travel agent , Tarun.

“Ok, this is Vinod”, i fake my name. “We had taken a package from your agency and we went to California and now we are back” I clarified him”.

“I hope you enjoyed the trip, sir”, he asked carrying out his duty.

“Yes yes. We enjoyed a lot. All things were perfect. But let me frank with you too. We troubled a lot. Thatswhy i call you”. I complained.

“Oh, what happened sir” he asked doubtfully…

In a downhearted voice I started my whole story………….

“So tarun, actually when I went to California, I met a person, Andrew. He became my friend. We had a long conversation. While we were talking I asked him when Google was launched.

Google logo

“It was launched from California on 4th July 2004.” He replied. “What were you all doing in July 2004?” he suddenly asked.

His question touched my nerves.”In Hindustan we were deciding about marrying a Dalit to a Brahmin”,  truthfully I replied.

Suddenly I remembered about Twitter. I asked him about Twitter.

Twitter logo

“Twitter was released on 21 march,2006”. Again he asked what we were doing on 21 march, 2006.

“We were very busy. We were doing Hindu-Muslim. I mean Hindu were trying to kill Muslims and Muslims trying to kill Hindus” I justified.

Then i realised Whatsapp is also a great thing. I asked Andrew about Whatsapp.

He said “2010 Feb”. Again he put up the same question.

“In 2010 we were revolting about reservation, uprooting railway tracks, putting shops on fire etc. So we don’t had time to think about anything “.

Suddenly I remembered that the first man to moon was also from here. I asked him.

He said yes.12 July, 1969. Neil Armstrong. Again the same question by him.

My sarcastic tone went higher. I said, “Going to moon? We barely managed to live on land. We were killing female before they were born. So we were busy there”.

Instagram. A notification popped out. So I asked him about Instagram.

Instagram logo

“2014, March”, he knows everything.

Before he asked I replied. “We were very very busy. We have to ban many things. So we don’t mind these things”.

“Right from our childhood we were studying that we are developed country” he explained.

I had no mood to tell him about our school system.

Talking since long I suddenly remembered about Google. I asked, “Who is the CEO of Google?”.

He said “Sundar Pichai”.

“An Indian” I pointed out.

Further I asked “What about Microsoft?”.

“Mr . Nadella”

“Indian” I smiled.”Pepsi Co?”.

“Indra Krishnamurthy”

I said “Indian”.

Nearly all people there keep Debit Cards in their pockets. So I asked him about CEO of MasterCard.

“Ajay Singh Pal Banga”.

“Again Indian”. Proudly I remarked.

So Andrew finally asked. “Bro, tell me a thing. They all are doing great here. What is happening to you all in India?”.

Andrew finally got my point. I asked myself,

“What is happening to us in INDIA”.

I ended my story…..

“Think tarun, our three people went there and flourished them. Ignoring trash talking about religion, if we focus on developing ourselves, think where we can reach…

“But yes tarun, while returning I promised him that next time we will go there we don’t stand equal to them but higher.

Thats what I learned from your small trip. It’s Rj Naved”.

Tarun could hardly utter a word.

“I don’t know when we rise up from these things” he managed to utter.

“Very soon” I calmed him. “Very soon”. I ended the conversation.

This conversation touched my heart. He has got a point. What is happening in India.Think about our potential,think about our creativity,think about what we indian can achieve.

I hope you will think.

Pardon for any grammatical mistakes,

Until next time with more energy……

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