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Posted by Debraj Datta Choudhury
December 30, 2017

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Aadhaar is perhaps becoming a constant peril for common men. Link Aadhar:

To BANK A/C or your account will not be operable.

TO SIM CARDS otherwise the TelCos are warning of disconnecting.

TO PAN CARD or your large transactions will not be considered by IT dept consequentially your transactions are illegal.

TO RATION CARD or you are not eligible for Rationed goods or DBT.

TO LPG SERVICE or you are not eligible for DBT.

Etcetera Etcetera.

Otherwise by technicality,your service provider doesn’t identify or know you as  per eKYC crusade.

Ultimately meaning, common men is in haste & worriment to link the AADHAAR to every available benefitting service from the Govt or PSUs or even private Cos becoz incompliance to which means you will be disengaged from any essential service or DBTs….that too in a stipulated time(Dec-Feb for respective services). Literally people are under threat of losing Identity i.c.o failure to link it on time….

Eventually in this vast country, inspite of possessing so many IDs & documents, not linking or having one piece of smart identity can render you unconsidered.

(-from common man’s view)

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