An appeal to the People of Gujarat. My people!

Posted by Vistasp Hodiwala
December 11, 2017

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My dear fellow Gujaratis,

This is the time to show we do not vote on communal lines. Or that we are intelligent enough to see through their vile narrative.

Yesterday’s horrific episode must force us to rethink, even if you are a BJP supporter, or have been one all your life!

Do not go around asking what is the alternative all over again. Ask yourself how can this man and the party he represents and the thought process he embodies EVER be an alternative in the first place!

Rahul Gandhi does not lie like he does.

He does not have the blood of Innocents on his hands.

He does not believe in brazening out and he does not look like he is particularly interested in making money either.

So please stop your ‘dynasty’ obsession once and for all and make a conscious choice in favour of this man.

Not because he is anywhere near perfect, actually he is far from being one. But because he is a man with a good heart who is willing to learn and believes in the one holy book that all of us must, if we have to save our state and our country; our Constitution.

Please throw this bunch of maniacs out so that we can restart our journey towards civility, decency, and democratic principles all over again.

Yours sincerely,
A deeply troubled Gujarati

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