An email you shouldn’t – probably – ignore!

Posted by Amazwing
December 14, 2017

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Hope this mail finds you in a good mood and good health(Good health in Delhi/Mumbai/Bangalore? who are we kidding!). Let us begin with 2 fun facts, 
1) The % of ignoring humble requesting mails has increased by 250%. Did we make that up? Probably. 
Moving on to fact 2
2) 96% of the startup die in the early stage of the startup cycle. And, only 4% survive. 
Pictorial representation below
Inline image 2
( as you see – we are in mid. Let us Quote a cliched Hindi movie dialogue- “Zindagi aur maut ka sawal hai!” – for real!) 
knowing the above fact we still proceeded towards having a startup with a hope that we would make it to the 4%. The reason why we are putting words together and framing sentences is – we need your help a little to spread the word about our startup. (Funds nahi hai – paid promotion is a big NO NO, hum filhal loot gaye)
The name of our startup is “Amazwing”, we are trying to create a social networking platform for India. We have gained some 15K users so far within 2 months of our launch.with a rating of 4.7 on Google Play store. 
We’d love to get in touch with you and tell you more about it. With your help, we can make it to the 4% and send you another email which will enclose a warm Thank You note and who knows a ‘Jahan Panha tussi great ho, taufa kabool karo‘ too 😛
We know that you were a startup too at some point, and so we both know that the struggle is real. In conclusion, let us wrap it up by saying – 
“a friend in need is a friend indeed”
We hope to hear from you soon. 
Team Amazwing

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