Thank You, For Your Concern: An Open Letter To Kirron Kher

Dear Mrs Kher,

I feel so glad that you’ve said the truth about rapes so confidently. I totally admire you for realizing that a woman should avoid men in every possible situation. I appreciate your concern towards the women of our nation. Thank you.

I’m 26 and have been a victim of sexual abuse more than once in public transport. It’s sad that I still haven’t learnt my lesson and I continue to go out, bump into random men and of course use the public transport too. There are many such women in our country. Thank you for making me realize I should be indoor while men are out. However, taking your “ache din” concept into consideration, I see a ray of hope.

How I wish to see the ache din where you’d have a women’s only out day. When men would be restricted. Or maybe the other way round to make sure a woman or her clothes don’t provoke a man. I look forward to receiving a two-wheeler (cars would be to costly) soon (just like I received 15lakhs in my account recently) so that I commute without the fear of bumping into men who assault me sexually. I look forward to a personal bodyguard too (even cheaper than a two-wheeler) to make sure that I do not come in direct contact with men in any case to avoid such horrendous crimes. I look forward to the times when women would be asked to abide by a dress code even in public (Women in hijabs and burkas are raped as well though). I look forward to the times when you’d ban the birth of a girl child in my nation so as to bring “Ramrajya” or the “ache din”. You enlightened us a great deal.

Thank you for being not being “woman” enough.

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