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December 21, 2017

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Anany Sharma

A Poet A Writer A Social Entrepreneur
Founder of The writers hub
Started writing at the age of 18 for someone special. putting my feelings together gathering strength
Spreading love.
Now I never knew writing could become a part of my soul slowly with the passion I developed this elixir
It became a part of my life. my drug to feed my furnace
I started my journey with several open mic sessions
Building up enough courage to speak infront of everyone as we all know literature is still not assumed to be a brilliant profession or even is not given huge platforms to bring up thier works
Meeting different people. interacting and working with them I realised there are many more who need to be lead to any such platform.
Me and my Co-Founders Ankush Singh and Nitesh Mishra brought up the idea of bringing up this platform.. today we are glad to be one of the biggest platforms for literature in Lucknow
We also want the platform to enhance its reach
In many more cities
I have also been featured by Dainik jagran, Hindustan,Naya Sabera ,Youth Ki Awaz
As we know
Warriors flaunt their scars
And the stories they hold
Lets spread love for many more warriors together.

After Conducting 3 events and one Collaboration With Dainik Jagran ‘Samvadi’
we received lot of love and support and we also met several other people willing to join the Writers hub
Every Month We Organise This Open Mic
In our Session #4 We received 75+ Mails For Registration
But Due To Time Consistency we Choosed 30 Participant to recite their work Rest of them Audience in our next session we provide them also Platform
And we are also working with our site & Application where they can Easily Post there work.
People who turn up is the youth basically from age group 18 – 40 but ( the youngest member if we mention of our group is of 12 years) come together for a fun filled poetic evening. Thus the basic motto of Writers how is to promote the literature bit of any form English Hindi or Urdu.
And we need peoples from Different cities to conduct Open Mic in their respective cities
This will Help To Grow Youth Talent more.
And The Writers Hub is For Youth Talent.

We spent our profit for various campaign Related to the society as well spread Love ❤️

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