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Balancing of happiness !! Art of mental health

Posted by Shweta Mehrotra
December 28, 2017

There is so much in our lives that we can control….There is so much in our lives that we cannot………n we always relate to the above lines religiously each day……..n make our lives even more difficult with such man made beliefs ……As days and years have gone by my personal experiences have made me believe that god has made all of us organically happy ….. Expecting us to live n spread love / happiness……but in the quest of excellence and perfection we humans have completely changed the Original plan of lord almighty.

I am fortunate enough to be able to help people every day, live a life that is balanced with just the above intention but why is it that I fall short of it majority of times and fail to practice on all that life taught me.

I said myself a very honest dialogue and made lists of what currently exists in each areas of life , category those were empty, that is the first challenge ( human made dictionary) I need to take it up by letting me as organic being…… Then asked myself is it something I love doing ? What if that area is just so/so in my eyes? That is when I need to dig deep to put something in place if that answers the question, would I do without being told to stretched and will make sure every area of my life has something that I love in it.

Imagine a life where you consciously had meaningful relationships with family and friends, imagine if you spent your social time doing things that you enjoy and love, what if you had a career that you loved and enjoyed going to everyday? What if you ate healthy foods that you purposefully chose to put into your body and exercised in a way that felt joyful to you, not just exercise for the sake of exercise? You get to choose what you do to stay active and healthy. What if you choose your spiritual path and not only what was chosen for you? What if you only put clothes on that you love and not just because they are in your closet? Even if it is a ripped t-shirt that you love, the idea is that is worn with love.

Ya many of us can’t digest the fact and get scared with love in life but ……….we are born to b easy we are born to love …born to laugh n born to die without proving to any one how amazing we were ……