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Fear Or love? Your choice

Posted by Ifra Ali
December 14, 2017

Fear will feed on you, it will eat you from inside and you won’t even realise it. Never let it rule over you, learn to overcome your fears. Face it. Defeat it.

In our society, parents often fail to realise the difference between fear and morals. They teach their child to do things out of fear. They say, if you will not worship God, you will be thrown in hell, if you do not obey to your elders you’ll be punished, if you don’t perform well in exams, you’ll be scolded by parents and teachers. You can only follow a profession that is acceptable in society. And this fear stays with the child for lifetime. Then, they can’t do anything worthwhile in life because they take many decisions out of fear.

Instead of this fear, if  children are taught values, and if their heart is full of love and compassion instead of fear, they will be encouraged to do good for everyone and they will grow as responsible human beings.

When we fear something we naturally develop hatred towards it, we start disliking it and run away from it. Like, when I was in school, I only enjoyed attending lectures of the teachers I loved, no matter if they got angry at me for not getting good grades in a test, whereas, I hated attending lectures of teachers that I feared.

Acts done out of fear do not go hand in hand with the soul, it does not satisfy our inner self. But acts done out of love give a sense of joy and enlighten the soul.

You will never be satisfied in life if you keep doing things out of fear. Just think about the things you love and do them without any fear, the sense of joy and satisfaction it will give you it is just unexplainable.