Beauty or the best?

Posted by Aashima Bansal
December 14, 2017

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Sentences like “beauty is skin deep” and “we don’t care what they say”-as neat as they are-literally wanna make me throw up sometimes. Sure, reading and thinking about things like that gives you a tussle of relief, but let’s talk reality, people! It is bullshit! If beauty didn’t matter, it wouldn’t be talked about the way it is being talked about right now. If everyone is beautiful in their own unique way (which is true for some cases) then the ‘hot’ people of nearly every school in the world would never have been picking on the ‘ugly’ lot. And surely-if opinions weren’t meant to matter, people won’t have any.
I personally just think it’s a way of consoling oneself, and-honestly? It’s a pity if people need to whisper things like that to themselves to make it all ‘better’.
Humans are social animals, and “not caring about other’s opinions about you” is not exactly the best social strategy. I think those comments are better off used to slowly pluck your inabilities and nourish the capabilities.
Now as much as beauty doesn’t matter, who walks up to an ‘average looking’ girl to ask her out if there’s a ‘prettier’ girl around? Hear that? The silence?
God! Let’s just take a deep breath and have a talk with our soul. We can not choose the way we look. We can, however choose the way we represent ourselves. And that can be taken care of.
Just polish yourself so bright and hard that the glare of your capabilities outshines the little speck of ‘ugly’ on your skin.

Slowly as time passes by, people will stop throwing shit your way-and you won’t have to worry about the ‘not caring’ part!

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