Being Perfect

Posted by Vinayak Bilwal
December 8, 2017

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It is the word we all love to be heard or described for us. Every one of us has tried to be perfect at least somewhere in our life once. And we see some of us are running behind it this entire life without even knowing the truth about it. It has all started when someone told us that being perfect are the only thing which will ensure happiness. And make us achieve our dreams. And we have started a blind chase for it from that day onwards.
Has anyone thought of how much it costs to be perfect? It is not always true that being perfect brings happiness in our life. It has a way more possibility that it may make it more badly than anyone had ever thought of. Some of you might be thinking how could that be possible? So guys, here the dark story of ‘Being Perfect’.
What we call perfect? It is something, which is precious, pure, rare, and expensive. These are the qualities which certify anything as perfect. What do we all do with those perfect things we have? Name it like, a diamond, jewellery, car, watch, clothes, pair of shoes, and anything like that. We all keep them safe and clean. We care for it. And, there are some things which are way more precious or rare, we keep them protected covered in boxes and surrounded by glasses! We make those things untouchable, hidden, and we keep them backstage. Isn’t it?
The point is, this contagious habit made us do the same to the people we live our life with or to the ones we find perfect for us. What we do is we try to own them. We care, think, and worry. But, somewhere in between we have forgotten how to love them! When we find that someone, and when we know that he or she is perfect for us. Unintentionally, we end up barricading; restricting, fighting, and sometimes we hurt them. What we all do nowadays is, we leave them alone, we hide them, and we keep them secret and stop loving them, because of the fear of hurting them. But, you know…what they feel?
When I say ‘Being Perfect’, it is a curse for them actually. It let them feel abandoned, unloved, caged, suffocated, restricted and worse is that it leaves them with forever loneliness! This in turn makes them hopeless, painful, and weak which finally turns them into monsters.
What I wanted to convey is, please stop following those ancient philosophy. Grow up! Be strong, brave, generous, committed, and give them the love they deserve.
So, no one will find ‘Being Perfect’, a curse. And there will be a perfect world full of love and not people who are finding perfect loved ones.
‘A dead diary’

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