“Birth and death- Two phases of a single boat called LIFE”.

Posted by Sakshi Gaur in Society
December 12, 2017

A child takes birth into this world and makes everyone happy. Everyone wants to kiss the child’s cheeks, even though it may hurt them. Everyone wants to play with the child, as if the child were nothing but a toy.

As time passes, the child enters a new world called school. In school, they need to be friends with everyone to survive. But not everyone ends up liking them. Some schoolmates end up being great friends whereas some hate each other. Some students become the teacher’s favourite.

Then the child becomes a teenager. They become a source of entertainment for their friends, class mates and teachers in several ways. Then begins the game of marks. Some end up being toppers, some remain average students and some even fail. But that doesn’t stop anyone. Life goes on.

Some cry with you, some laugh with you but many of them laugh at you because you fail. That’s how you become a source of entertainment for them.

Time flies and then the teenager turns into an adult. They join a college with lots of dreams and expectations. Initially, everything seems astonishing. But then, the real race starts and it’s a roller coaster ride. New friends, new groups, new places, new teachers – everything seems to be new. And in that newness, they become a new entertainer for all the new people they are meeting.

There is a new race for marks, for attendance and for being everyone’s favorite.

They try to seek others’ approval, try to be like them. Like, if others drink, they drink too because it’s ‘cool’. If they are in a committed relationship, then they are said to be amazing. If not, then they are boring. If they get good marks, they are everyone’s favorite. If they are an average scorer, than they lack something. In this way, they just end up being an entertainer for others because they only try to live according to other people’s perspectives instead of their own.

Time flies with the blink of an eye and they start having the real race of their ‘career’ after college. Everything seems to be more difficult, more confusing. At this stage, some get amazingly good jobs right out of the gate whereas others do not. At one’s job, they become familiar with new challenges such as pleasing their boss and dipping their toe in office politics. Every day come with a new spark. Again, the individual becomes the source of entertainment for the boss. They should do everything as per their boss. They are not supposed to contradict their boss, lest they be fired or be considered a bad employee.

Then, the individual finds themselves trapped in another puzzle called ‘marriage’. Many of their friends are getting married, some even have kids. And then, they also get married. Marriage comes with lots of responsibilities along with commitment, trust, loyalty, care, compromises and much more.

Then a new new chapter opens for them. Being a parent. For them, becoming a parent comes with more responsibilities. They have to dedicate their lives to their children and start thinking for them, their future, their career and their life. And day by day, the individual grows old. Their body feels sick and starts giving up and then a day come when they die. This is the journey called “life”.

In this life, there are many moments when you are considered to be wrong even though you are right. It’s okay, such is life. But that doesn’t mean that you should not speak up. You should speak up to and stick to your point so as to defend yourself. But speak up only to the extent that is needed. And don’t just start giving justifications for everything. Those who will understand you do not need such justifications.

You should know when to say ‘no’. That’s very important. You can not end up saying yes for everything.

Speak your heart out. Unless and until you speak up, nothing will happen, nothing will change. So, speak up. Yes, it may happen that the majority will not like you but if you trust your instincts, then stick to your point.

Life is too small. Don’t just end up living it for others and to fulfill their perspectives. Have your own instincts. Don’t just end up being an entertainer for others every time. Rather, think about your own happiness at certain points. Take care of your health. Work is important but not at the cost of your health. Be your own entertainer. Try to be your own cup of tea instead of someone else’s.