Bizarre New India

Posted by shubham agarwal
December 8, 2017

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7 December 2017 will be marked as a significant day in the Indian politics as well as the international politics. Trumps recognizition to Jerusalem as Israel capital is enough to shake the west Asia but aside the international turmoil, there was huge political backlash in Gujarat between BJP and Congress because of Manishankar Aiyar remarks against “PM Modi”. He in his words referred PM Narendra modi a”neech kiskam ka aadmi”.Now some of my readers would wondering that how can a statement like this, can create a political turmoil, when political decency is at it worst in the Indian politics.Now a question is starting coming in your mind. So, what create a political turmoil? Now before giving an answer, I want to ask you, did you find anything casteist in aiyar’s remark, and his remarks reflect some sort of Mughal mindset ? I don’t know what is your answer but I knew that if your answer is No, then definitely you are not a good politician (if you know what I mean).

Now I can assume that most of you know what I mean and if you not, you can get it in the other half. Our beloved PM Narendra modi had a new way to see his remarks, and on attacking aiyar in a public rally, PM said that in reply to aiyar referring to public he says in gujarati “Aa modi toh ‘neech’ jaati no Che, Aa Modi toh neech Che. Mara bhaiyo aa apmaan Gujarat nu Che ke nahi? Aa toh ‘Mughali’ mansikta che ke unchh aane neech na sanskar samaj ma nakhya che” (This modi belongs to neech(low) caste, this modi is a neech. My brothers, is this not an insult of Gujarat? Is this is not an insult of the great Indian tradition? It is their Mughal mindsets that has made them introduce the upper-lower class culture). Now these words of our beloved PM needs a criticism from all sections of society, not just because he transformed a personal remark into a caste specific remark, but too for sending a wrong message among the socially backward classes. On the one hand he talks about casteism, communalism free India but on the other hand he is spreading it through his speeches. May be politically he will be get benefitted by depicting the other side as casteist, by misinterpreting a personal remark but the very idea of a New India will be tarnished by himself.For building a New India their is a pre-requisite to build a caste sensitiviness among our politicalal classes.

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